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Here are some of the important events that keep us so busy with Alpha Gam!


September 5th--Welcome Back Activities Carnival on Buchtel Common 10am-3pm

September 20th--Recruitment starts with Greek 101 at 3pm

September 21st--Unity Parties start at 4pm

September 22nd--Philanthropy Parties at the House at 10am

September 23rd--Preference Parties start 10am and in the evening... BID DAY!

October 7th--Diabetes Walk-a-thon in the morning

October 19th and 20th--HOMECOMING!  Time to celebrate being a Zip!

November 17th--Greek Night at the Rubber Bowl

November 18th--SONGFEST!  7pm at E.J. Thomas Hall

November 27-29th--Red, Buff, and Green Days

December 1st--Initiation and Feast of Roses!