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Fall 2000 Baby Squirrels

Enjoying A Casual Dinner at the House

Elaine and Kate Having Fun

Barb rests on one of the 95 bags of clothing donated to Goodwill for Greek Week

Elaine (far right) congratulates Kim (center) and Carrolyn (far left) after accepting their bids

Two generations of a family of Sister-Mothers and Sister-Daughters

Ana, Tiffany, Kim, and Kelly get pumped for the annual Lip Jam contest

The Alpha Gams take a trip to Kent for an ice-skating adventure

Adrienne, Amber, Helena, and Amanda show off their spin and jump positions

The Grand Finale--Songfest 2000

Celebrating our First Place Songfest prize in the

lobby of E.J. Thomas Hall

Look at all the smiles as Alpha Gamma Delta

takes home Praestantia at the Greek Recognition Dinner